Do You Know… …Tracy Vannoy?

Do You Know… …Tracy Vannoy?

Do You Know… … Tracy Vannoy?

Tracy Vannoy is a Navy vet (thank you for your service!). He worked as a nuclear chemistry manager for 40 years. Tracy was always interested in blacksmithing and exploring the artistic side.   He took a short course in blacksmithing, volunteered in an “1880’s” blacksmith shop, and was hooked!

Tracy is passionate about creating art from discarded materials. He likes to hunt for old rusty tools and unique pieces of metal that he can re-purpose. He uses a forge, anvil, hand tools, and when needed, a welder. Just like in nature, these creations are unique and no two are identical.

All of Tracy’s pieces are stamped with a Celtic ruin meaning “Joy”. He hopes these hand-made pieces bring “Joy” to you as much as they did to him!

Do You Know…  …Douglass S Wilkins?

Do You Know… …Douglass S Wilkins?

Do You Know… … Douglass S Wilkins

Doug Wilkins is from Greentown, PA. With no formal training, Doug taught himself to paint, sketch and draw as a young child. Over the years, he has honed his talent!

With a love of auto racing, Doug has completed a number of commissioned pieces for Indy car driver, AJ Foyt. Doug has a keen eye for detail and that is exemplified in his work.

Doug is also very talented in nature landscapes, animal, and “old west” style paintings. His attention to detail with a little twist hidden in the paintings make them outstanding!

Doug’s work is on display in a Watkins Glen, NY gallery, as well as The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know… …Bill Cohen?

Do you know… …Bill Cohen?

Do you know…

… Bill Cohen?

Bill Cohen is a very talented photographer. Bill uses his camera to “preserve his vision”. He expresses himself vividly through his “digital editing process”, while capturing the everyday life he sees through his lens.

Bill’s foray into photography began at the young age of 12. He had his own camera and a dark room. Having been raised in a NYC slum, Bill’s view of the world is slightly different than that of most people!

Did you know that Bill Cohen is also an avid drummer? As a teenager, he played in local Rock & Roll bands. He toured up and down the East coast with a group called “Austin Express”. While he is no longer in a band, his drum sticks are always within easy reach!

Bill worked as a staff photographer for a digital cable advertising company. He switched over to sales and within a few years was busily overseeing the local talent to produce all of the TV commercials.

Bill is quoted as stating, “I don’t see things as objects, people or things; rather as a finished composition. Either it moves me or it doesn’t. It’s just that simple!”

Bill Cohen states, “he does not pick his subjects, they pick him!” “He shoots from the hip and hopes that at the end of the day, he walks away with something special”.

Framed photographs by Bill Cohen begin at $175.00. Large original canvas photos sell for $350.00. To see some of his expressive works of art, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. His complete works can be viewed on his website –

Do you know… …Charles Gregory Woods?

Do you know… …Charles Gregory Woods?

Do you know…

… Charles Gregory Woods?

Charles Gregory Woods is a most interesting person! It’s not surprising that he is so multi-talented! After all, I believe that most artists are! Did you know that Charles is a renowned architect; he studied under Dennis Blair, a direct student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Charles was critically acclaimed by professors as an heir to Wright! He is also an author; writing and publishing seven (7) well-reviewed books. The famed architectural illustrator, Paul Stevenson Oles, FAIA, was quoted as saying, “Charles Gregory Woods is a solid 10 in creativity, a genius if anyone is”! Charles is an artist, illustrator, and art/photographer; with his work appearing in over 60 magazines and newspapers. Did I mention that Charles has degrees or graduate degrees in architecture, religion, and philosophy? And, he has been successful in all of these endeavors!

Charles specializes in “portraiture and photography of the unexpected!” He blends something with nothing. Charles has stated, “though everything means something, not everything is equally meaningful”. The concept of layers is also meaningful to Charles. Some of his paintings have more than forty (40) layers to them!

Mr. Woods has created over 75,000 works of art. He has been exhibited in over 25 shows and has sold many original works. He proudly states that he will get an idea in his head of something he wants to paint. He puts on a particular musician or musical group to set the tone. He then decides that by the time the song is finished playing, his painting will be as well. How many of us could do that and do it so well? He has been compared to Picasso, deKooning, and others.

Framed archival prints begin at $500.00. Original paintings range from $1000.00 and up. To view some of his most prolific works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

A Little Bit of Our History!

A Little Bit of Our History!

The Art Factory of White Mills is located at 736 Texas Palmyra Highway (Route 6), White Mills, PA 18473.

Rich in history, this 8,000 square foot building has worn many hats…  We are still researching and verifying the stories of this wonderful building. If you have any additional information that you can provide us with, we would love to hear from you.

  • Built originally to house the Heptasophs Association, it opened its doors on April 05, 1913.

The Original Order of Heptasophs was founded in 1852. It is listed as one of the country’s earliest fraternal orders. Heptasophs, derived from Latin roots meaning “seven and wise” was translated to “Mystical Seven”.  It was a Conservative based college fraternity, primarily located in the South.  Membership dwindled as a result of and the outcome of the Civil War.

  • This building briefly housed Stourbridge Lion railroad workers; providing a clean, dry place to eat and sleep.
  • During World War II, it offered a distraction from the stresses of the world. It was used as a “sock hop” dance hall, roller rink, and a basketball court (located on the 2nd floor, the wood floor still bears marks from the center court!).
  • Later, a successful knitting factory opened, eventually becoming a sewing factory of children’s pajamas and blankets.  Fabric scraps are still “popping up” in the yard. Handprints of many of the factory workers are still visible in the cement floor!
  • Since late August 2016, the factory is now home to a unique art gallery.  This community art center hosts over 53 local artists. With all mediums of art on display; oil, acrylic, watercolor, abstract and mixed-medium painting, photography, drawing, pastels, ceramics, metal sculptures, hand-made jewelry and so much more – The Art Factory is a “place where talent and appreciation meet”. Prices are as varied as the art it offers.  Layaway is available. Give the gift of class… Art classes that is!  Many art classes (for adults and children) are being offered. Visit us at for more information.  Like us on Facebook at The Art Factory of White Mills.

The Art Factory of White Mills is open daily from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. We are always seeking new artists.

Please call Jerry at 570 251-1181 for additional information.

Do You Know… Richard D’Ambrosia?

Do You Know… Richard D’Ambrosia?

Do you know…   … Richard D’Ambrosia?

Richard D’Ambrosia is an artist that works in mixed media. He crafts masks and mannequins, adorned with a “hodgepodge” (Richard’s description!) of materials and textures. His mix might include an assortment of 1950’s gumball machine toys, exotic feathers, and ancient coins. He designs very unusual photographs, a line of note cards that can only be described as quirky, and paintings that capture the emotions and moments throughout his life!

Richard is the proud owner of a restored 1904 farmhouse that was once part of an estate in Dingmans Ferry, known as Huntingtower. He lives with his husband Keith at what they’ve aptly named, “Roosters at Huntingtower”.

Richard has exhibited his work at The Stroudsburg Arts Festival, Origins Gallery, Art on the Mountain, The Milford Craft Show Gallery, UpFront Exhibition Space, Festival of Wood at Grey Towers, Pocono Environmental Education Center, The Artists’ Market in Sholoa, Pa, Victorian Days in Belvidere, NJ, and craft and art exhibitions around the tri-state area. Richard is presently on exhibit at The Art Factory of White Mills. His cards begin at $5.00 each. To see some of his most exciting pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. New pieces will be premiering at his “meet & greet” at The Art Factory on February 2, 2019 – from 1:00-4:00.