Do you know…

… Charles Gregory Woods?

Charles Gregory Woods is a most interesting person! It’s not surprising that he is so multi-talented! After all, I believe that most artists are! Did you know that Charles is a renowned architect; he studied under Dennis Blair, a direct student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Charles was critically acclaimed by professors as an heir to Wright! He is also an author; writing and publishing seven (7) well-reviewed books. The famed architectural illustrator, Paul Stevenson Oles, FAIA, was quoted as saying, “Charles Gregory Woods is a solid 10 in creativity, a genius if anyone is”! Charles is an artist, illustrator, and art/photographer; with his work appearing in over 60 magazines and newspapers. Did I mention that Charles has degrees or graduate degrees in architecture, religion, and philosophy? And, he has been successful in all of these endeavors!

Charles specializes in “portraiture and photography of the unexpected!” He blends something with nothing. Charles has stated, “though everything means something, not everything is equally meaningful”. The concept of layers is also meaningful to Charles. Some of his paintings have more than forty (40) layers to them!

Mr. Woods has created over 75,000 works of art. He has been exhibited in over 25 shows and has sold many original works. He proudly states that he will get an idea in his head of something he wants to paint. He puts on a particular musician or musical group to set the tone. He then decides that by the time the song is finished playing, his painting will be as well. How many of us could do that and do it so well? He has been compared to Picasso, deKooning, and others.

Framed archival prints begin at $500.00. Original paintings range from $1000.00 and up. To view some of his most prolific works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.