Are a LOCAL Artist?  Is your ART being seen?

Do you feel limited to local events and places to show and sell your work?

You should find out what The Art Factory can offer you!

For example…

The Art Factory is different!

Our Gallery is like none other!  We are one of the finest in

Wayne County with more than 70 LOCAL artists.

We are open 7 days a week. (May-Dec) and closed Wednesday’s (Jan-Apr).

We have over 1,000 pieces of Art on display.

We are a community art center whose purpose is all Art related.

Do you like to teach?  We offer classes.

We offer a variety of special events.

We advertise all over

and so much more!

Why don’t you stop in to learn more about us!

Bring some of your art so we can get to know you as well.

(We look forward to it!)