Do You Know Peter Rutlin?

Do You Know…
… Peter Rutlin?

Now that Peter is retired as an architect, he is able to fully delve into his pursuit of his life long hobby, photography. With his wife Mary and orange tabby cat Clancy, Peter splits his time between Long Island, NY and Promised Land, PA. He thrives on the surrounding areas which offer endless year round photographic opportunities. Peter has a darkroom in both locales!

Peter is a traditionalist. He uses a wet darkroom to create by hand, silver gelatin black and white prints. He prefers to shoot film over digital, using all formats from 1/2 frame 35mm up to an 8×10 view camera. All film images are hand printed in the darkroom, no digital scanning or hybrid methods are used.

Occasionally, Peter takes some digital images. His heart, however, remains deeply seeded in the creative process of the traditional silver gelatin print. He was trained by one of Ansel Adams assistants at the infamous Yosemite darkroom, formally used by the Master himself!

Matted, unframed photos begin at $25.00. Visit The Art Factory of White Mills to see Peter’s talent!

The Art Factory of White Mills
736 Texas Palmyra Highway (Route 6)
White Mills, PA 18473
open daily from 10:00 am-4:00 pm (closed Wednesday’s)
570 251-1181
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Do You Know…… Claude Larson?

Claude Larson is a fiber and mixed media artist. She has been working with and producing her own textiles and papers using; paint, dye, and various forms of surface design since 2001. She incorporates commercially produced textiles and found papers into her pieces as well. Some of Claude’s favorite elements of design such as color, texture, shape, and lines are the foundation for her work. Claude is
primarily self-taught and likes the process of experimentation.

Although most of her work is non-objective, some pieces are playfully representational though not realistic. Claude’s love of vibrant colors and varied textures is evident in her work. She titles her pieces according to what is happening at a particular time in her life!

Claude’s studio is representative of her work style and aptly named “Random Acts of Piece.” Beginning with a single textile or element for inspiration, Claude works intuitively and randomly. Her pieces have a deliberate, quiet complexity that encourages intimacy with the viewer and they lean in and see details and a boldness that invites the viewer to then stand back and see the big picture!

Matted prints begin at $25.00. Visit The Art Factory of White Mills to see Claude’s talent! She will be the featured artist throughout the month of March. Come see her beautiful display filled with many of her prolific pieces!

The Art Factory of White Mills
736 Texas Palmyra Highway (Route 6)
White Mills, PA 18473

open daily from 10:00 am-4:00 pm (closed Wednesday's)
570 251-1181

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Do you know… …Donna Rutlin?

A retired teacher, Donna was finally able to pursue her lifelong interest in painting. Her work illustrates the balance between lines, shapes, space, color, and the contrast of light and dark. Using the transparency of watercolors, Donna tries to convey a sense of tranquility. The inspiration for her work comes from local scenes as well as from her travels. Donna paints in her studio, plein air and from photographs.

Donna studied at the Wallkill School of Art, NY, and the Betsy Jacaruso Studio, NY. She further her studies at the Louvre and Musee Carnavalet in Paris, the Barrett Art Center, NY, and NY Botanical Gardens, NY where she earned a certificate in nature illustration.

Donna’s work has been selected for juried exhibits and displayed in galleries throughout the Hudson Valley and The Art Factory of White Mills, PA. Unframed originals begin at $25.00 and up. Visit The Art Factory of White Mills to see Donna’s talent!

The Art Factory of White Mills
736 Texas Palmyra Highway (Route 6)
White Mills, PA 18473

open daily from 10:00 am-4:00 pm (closed Wednesdays)

570 251-1181


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Do You Know…DawnMarie Dillon

DawnMarie Dillon: Painter, Parent, Planetarian
DawnMarie was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She states that she is “a child of art”, having learned color alongside her Grandfather at a young age. Her influences include the cultural diversity of growing up in Brooklyn; her family and friends that all shared a rich immigrant background.

As a New Yorker, DawnMarie fashioned her unique self-taught style by creating an array of vibrant and colorful art themes; using acrylic, watercolor, art graphite, pastels, and multiple natural mediums. DawnMarie paints as a vehicle to inspire others to explore their creative gifts.

DawnMarie is deeply concerned about the quality and state of the environment. As a result, she and her family moved to Milford, PA. She opened “Breathless Beauty Organic Raw Live Juice Bar & Cafe”, a one-stop-shop for vegan healthy alternatives, now celebrating it’s 10th year! DawnMarie feels enmeshed surrounded by Milford’s conservative natural wonders and helped her expand her creative platform, “Channeling thru the Spirit,” featuring photograph renderings, nature scenes, abstract, musical, and meditative objects onto canvas, metal, tile, etc.

“Channeling thru the Spirit” has a popular presence at the Element Square Art Gallery in Middletown, NY. DawnMarie has also donated to various charities. Her art has even been featured on a music album cover!

Framed paintings begin at $65.00. Visit The Art Factory of White Mills to see DawnMarie’s talent!

The Art Factory of White Mills
736 Texas Palmyra Highway (Route 6)
White Mills, PA 18473

open daily from 10:00 am-4:00 pm (closed Wednesday’s)

570 251-1181

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Do You Know… … Tracy Vannoy?

Tracy Vannoy is a Navy vet (thank you for your service!). He worked as a nuclear chemistry manager for 40 years. Tracy was always interested in blacksmithing and exploring is artistic side. He took a short course in blacksmithing, volunteered in an “1880’s” blacksmith shop and was hooked!

Tracy is passionate about creating art from discarded materials. He likes to hunt for old rusty tools and unique pieces of metal that he can re-purpose. He uses a forge, anvil, hand tools and when needed, a welder. Just like in nature, these creations are unique and no two are identical.

all of Tracy’s pieces are stamped with a Celtic ruin meaning “Joy”. He hopes these hand-made pieces bring “Joy” to you as much as they did to him!

Come see Tracy’s whimsical metal art at The Art Factory of White Mills. Tracy’s unique pieces are very reasonable priced at $30.00 and up.

Do You Know… … Douglass S Wilkins

Doug Wilkins is from Greentown, PA. With no formal training, Doug taught himself to paint, sketch and draw as a young child. Over the years, he has honed his talent!

With a love of auto racing, Doug has completed a number of commissioned pieces for Indy car driver, AJ Foyt. Doug has a keen eye for detail and that is exemplified in his work.

Doug is also very talented in nature landscapes, animal, and “old west” style paintings. His attention to detail with a little twist hidden in the paintings make them outstanding!

Doug’s work is on display in a Watkins Glen, NY gallery, as well as The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do You Know… … Linda Charlop?

Submitted by Cindy Davis

Art & Design are integral parts of Linda Charlop’s life.  Designing “Art to Wear” led her to Paris to become a designer for Yves St. Laurent.

Combining silver, gold, plastic, leather and semi-precious stones are some of the mediums that are used in Linda’s jewelry.  She can pick up anything and transform it into a beautiful piece of art!

Linda Charlop has exhibited in NYC, CA, and Paris.  She was also featured in Vogue Magazine.

Presently a resident of NJ, Linda is employed as a kindergarten teacher.  She is fluent in French and has shared her language with her students.  Linda has was the head of an arts & crafts department in a day camp.  Linda is proficient in jewelry, pottery, drawing, stage design, etc.  If it’s art-related, Linda is a pro!

Her beautiful and unique jewelry begins at $40.00.  Come see, at The Art Factory of White Mills.

The Art Factory of White Mills

736 Texas Palmyra Highway (Route 6)

White Mills, PA 18473

January-April open:  Friday-Sunday from 10-5:00

closed: Monday-Thursday (or by appointment)

May-December open: daily from 10-5:00

570 251-1181


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Do You Know… … Bozena Janszweski?

Bozena was born in Poland.  She now resides in Honesdale, PA.  From her early childhood, Bozena has loved to observe nature and paint what she sees.  While she did study art in high school, she received her Bachelors in education.  As an Elementary Ed teacher, she has encouraged a number of her students to continue in the field.  Bozena now has students that she taught holding Art degrees!

Art is important in her mind and her life.  Bozena admires God’s creations around her.  She believes that her creations are only a humble copying of His art!

While Bozena loves to change techniques and objects, she favors oil painting.  She uses this medium to paint “still life”, portraits and occasionally uses pastels for surrealistic compositions.

Bozena favors Daniel Keys and Konstantin Kacev’s art.  In addition to painting, Bozena enjoys gardening, history, pottery and traveling.

Bozena offers classes and workshops (drawing, painting and pottery) at The Art Factory.  Her beautiful and unique pottery begins at $30.00.  Come see, at The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do You Know… …John R Redlich?

John Redlich studied art at Farmingdale State University of New York for Graphic Arts.  He was mentored by master portrait artist and illustrator, the late William C Kautz.  He was taught how to paint with gouache using a razor blade to apply the paint to illustration board.  John also paints landscapes and portraits using oil paints.

John’s favorite subject matter is often nautical scenes from Long Island, where he grew up.  He is now a resident of Hawley, PA.

His realistic, textural paintings are available at The Art Factory of White Mills.  His pieces begin as low as $130.00.

Do You Know… ..Robin Lacicero?

Throughout Robin’s travels, she has had the opportunity to see a variety of beautiful landscapes along with a variety of birds and animals that inhabit it.

Capturing that beauty in mind, Robin Lacicero purchased her first camera and began her exciting journey. She started capturing breathtaking views of nature and wildlife in PA.

Robin has won several photography contests and has been published in Pike County Tourism.

Robin teaches group and private lessons. Her outstanding photographs are available at The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do You Know… … Diane M Lowe?

Diane is forever trying to capture her view of the world!  Her interest in painting began in High School when she was introduced to acrylics.  Little did she know the profound effect the class would have on her!

Over the course of the years, Diane worked with watercolor, graphite, photography and oils.  She exhibited in local studios, shops and art festivals.  Art is Diane’s greatest form of mediation!

Own a print of Diane M Lowe’s work for $25.00.  She has oil paintings for sale as well at The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do You Know… … Lindsay Davis?

Lindsay Davis was born and raised in Bergen County, NJ.  Lindsay now calls Vienna, VA home.  Quiet by nature, Lindsay is introspective and very kind.  She always wears her heart on her sleeve and is ready to help anyone in need.  Lindsay is an undergraduate of the University of Connecticut and holds her Masters from Quinnipiac.  She is an educator (first grade).

Lindsay has always had an eye for photography; capturing the moment with an easy click!  Lindsay is an observer and from watching her Dad over the years, she is able to build tables, dog houses, install plumbing and light fixtures, spackle walls and build her own home decor.  Lindsay is a crafter and quilter.

What I’ve learned from living with Lindsay for many years, is that she is adventurous and willing to try her hand at just about anything.  She is always successful in these endeavors! 

Lindsay is looking forward to an August 2020 wedding!

Lindsay’s photos begin at $5.00 and up.  To see her perspective on the world, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know… Nadine Kloss-Gannon?

A native of NEPA, Nadine is presently living with her husband near Lake Wallenpaupack. Beginning at 14, Nadine discovered that she could express herself through the lens. Nadine continued her interest in photography and now holds a BAFA and MFA in Visual Arts. She has continued to study and improve her view through the lens by studying and taking workshops throughout the United States.

Working as a flight attendant allowed Nadine to travel the country. She shares her view of the landscapes in both color and black & white pictures. Her images are simplified and detail-oriented. With a love of airplanes, Nadine became a licensed FAA drone pilot. She has successfully combined her love of photography and flying into her fabulous shots!

Whether it’s flowers, abandoned trains or airplanes, Nadine’s photography captivates the viewer! Nadine’s images (including aerial shots) begin at $20.00 and up. To view some of her pretty photos, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know… William (Bill) Brown?

Submitted by Cindy Davis

Bill Brown was formerly trained in photography at Farmingdale University and earned a living as a wedding photographer. He went on to study stained glass at Nassau Community College. The following year, Bill became the instructor of the class! During Bill’s successful career, he worked in several Long Island schools teaching his craft. He also operated “Stained Glass Artistry”, a studio featuring etched and carved glass. Interested in many art forms, Bill began oil painting his favorite subject, birds.

Bill now shares his time on Long Island and Lake Ariel. He is a member of the Nassau County Camera Club on Long Island, Wayne County Art Alliance and The Art Factory of White Mills. Bill has won many prestigious awards for his photography. He has also been published in professional art magazines over the years!

We feel lucky to have Bill represented in The Art Factory of White Mills. In addition to showcasing his stained glass, photography, and oil paintings, Bill offers classes in stained glass and photography to all skill levels. Bill is also the guiding force for a new exhibit that we will be showcasing in June 2020, a local “High School Emerging Photographers Exhibit”

Bill Brown’s art begins at $35.00 and up. To view some of his exciting pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do You Know… Daniel Chapman (affectionately known as Chappy)

The one constant in Chappy’s life has been art; primarily drawing and painting which he has done since he was a young child. At the age of eight (8), his family moved from Hawaii to Colorado. For the next 50 years, Chappy lived and explored the Continental Divide from New Mexico to Canada. Lucky for us, he relocated to the Poconos last year… He claims, “it was time for a change of scenery!” Chappy’s interests include art, reading, biking, hiking, and fishing.

In September 1996, Chappy was disabled in a car accident. After a long recovery, he decided to go back to college. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (emphasis on Painting) in 2011 from the University of Colorado, graduating Magna Cum Laude!

Oil painting is his main medium, primarily portraiture but he also likes to paint/draw animals and the natural world. Chappy has also created video art and painted murals. His paintings are in private collections around the world. His artistic influences are vast and diverse – including; Lucian Freud, Caravaggio, Andrew Wyeth, Chuck Close, and of course, the Beatles, to name just a few!

Chappy’s “true to life” paintings begin at $65.00 and up. To view some of his impressive works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…  …Amy Smith?

Amy Smith is a textile artist from Newfoundland, PA. She attended Illinois State University and received a degree in Fashion and Textile Design.

The primary tools that Amy uses for her designs are her sewing machines! She uses them to their fullest potential while creating her very stylized art! Amy will incorporate just about anything she likes into her creations, always experimenting with texture and color. She loves to add unconventional and re-purposed items into her work.

Amy has authored two books on her method. She is also an independent pattern designer. Her work has been juried in quilt shows and featured in publications by Better Homes and Gardens, Meredith Publications.

Amy’s beautiful fabric work is available starting at $20.00 for a pair of postcards and up. To view some of her gorgeous pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know… …Jeanne Smith?

Jeanne Smith states, “I guess you could say that my love of the outdoors, nature and all the beauty around us is why I love photography the way I do! My camera is with me everywhere I go, ready to capture a great photo, that ONE SHOT!”

“ONE SHOT” is the name that Jeanne Smith uses for her professional photography. When you have Jeanne’s incredible ability to take amazing photos of the world around us, that’s all she needs… that “ONE SHOT”!

Jeanne’s photos reflect the places she’s been and the view she sees. She has traveled the country; crisscrossing from Main to Florida and then New York to Alaska! Her husband states that until they have visited all of the USA, they are not going abroad! While they have seen a lot, they have many places still on their bucket list – and that is lucky for us!

Jeanne is a retired correction officer who truly does see the surrounding beauty. She is an accomplished photographer and an award winning one as well! Jeanne presently resides in Swan Lake, NY with her husband.

Framed photographs – mounted on; canvas, aluminum, paper, etc are available beginning at $10.00 and up. To see many of Jeanne’s pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know… Agnes Lippi-Johnson?

Agnes Lippi-Johnson is a clever artist! She sees things from a unique perspective. Agnes is great at re-purposing materials and creating the most interesting and whimsical pieces of art.

Agnes now lives in Honesdale, PA. She is an artist that mixes media types not typically found together in nature. The end results incorporate well-worn industrial with the freshness of organic and natural.

Agnes creates jewelry from bicycle parts mixed with new gemstones, acrylic pours become charms and earrings may be recycled from buttons! Each piece is interesting, unique, pretty and functional.

Agnes’ sculptures also blend bicycle rims with stained glass. She has an unusual twist to her “cattle trophies”. All of her work is organic in feel and feels like it is in harmony.

One-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry begins at $10.00. Also very unique art pieces made with recycled bicycle parts are available for sale. Agnes offers classes in “Acrylic Pour” and “Alcohol Ink” at The Art Factory.

Do you know… … Linda Murphy?

Linda Murphy is an impressionist artist. She is self taught; painting in oil and pastel whenever time and inspiration come together! Linda enjoys painting outdoor scenes of the local countryside, abstract floral pieces and children at play!

Linda gets so excited to open a box of brand new pastels. Imported from Sweden, she drools when she describes their creamy texture. To listen to her talk about it, you need to try them out for yourself. Lucky for us, Linda teaches pastel painting at The Art Factory of White Mills!

Linda has resided in New Jersey and New Hampshire, currently residing in Honesdale, PA. Linda works full-time in the field of advertising.

Linda’s work is available for sale at The Art Factory of White Mills. Her beautiful artwork is available for under $100.00 and up. Come check out Linda’s work, it’s worth a look!

Do you know…Rosellyn Grohol?

Rosellyn Grohol began painting at the age of ten (10), under the supervision of local Italian artist Luis Zabgara-Cellini. She studied traditional impressionist oil painting with Cellini for 5 years and continued on to art school for another 2 years.

Rosellyn raised a family and began painting again in 2015 when she moved to NEPA and took a quick course in acrylic painting. Because acrylic paints dry so quickly – unlike oils, Rosellyn began painting non-stop.

Rosellyn is a contemporary impressionist and favors painting nature scenes inspired by places she’s been or places she would like to visit. She loves to portray nature’s moods, colors and movement with paint on canvas or her new love, alcohol ink on tiles! The vivid colors that are in her work literally pops off the canvas!

Rosellyn’s work is available for sale at The Art Factory of White Mills. Her pieces are very reasonably priced, beginning at $20.00 and up. Come in and see Rosellyn’s work in person!

Do You Know… …Randy Hennig?

Randy Hennig states that “he always had an artistic spirit”! That’s an understatement based on his ability to create and express himself through; art, photography, performance art, and his abundantly beautiful garden!

Randy is “inspired by nature; its colors and textures, its complexity and simplicity”. The endless beauty compels him to put a small part onto canvas!

Randy studied painting under Kenneth Bocsh. He always enjoyed sketching, but painting opened up a whole new world to him! He was hooked! Working with different mediums (oil, oil pastels and colored pastels) always brings him back to his personal favorite – acrylics!

Randy says that paintings either evolve very quickly or it can a slower, more meditated approach. Often, he needs to put a piece aside and return to it days later with fresh eyes. Randy’s photographs become the subject of many of his paintings. Often, he takes elements from a variety of photographs and merges them into one piece.

Framed work of Randy’s begin at $45.00. To view some of his original pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. The gallery is open daily from 10:00-5:00.

Do you know… Suzannah Hadorn?

Suzannah Hadorn states, “I have a great need to express my own personal truth. In the process of drawing, I am able to tap into a constant internal flow of experience, where my spirit is free! My art is a visible record of my inner journey, a play between consciousness and emotion.”

Suzannah’s “free spirit” leads her to draw using colored pencils and crayons. Her works are unusual, colorful, and quirky. You need Suzannah to share her stories of what inspired her to draw each piece… fascinating!

Suzannah has been drawing, painting, and writing for over 40 years. Originally from NYC, Suzannah has exhibited in many one-woman shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn, NY State, and in the NEPA area. She has also be shown in various art galleries throughout the region.

Framed artist-enhanced prints begin at $30.00. To view some of her original pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. The gallery is open daily from 10:00-5:00.

Do you know…   … Richard D’Ambrosia?

Richard D’Ambrosia is an artist that works in mixed media. He crafts masks and mannequins, adorned with a “hodgepodge” (Richard’s description!) of materials and textures. His mix might include an assortment of 1950’s gumball machine toys, exotic feathers and ancient coins. He designs very unusual photographs, a line of note cards that can only be described as quirky and paintings that capture the emotions and moments throughout his life!

Richard is the proud owner of a restored 1904 farmhouse that was once part of an estate in Dingmans Ferry, known as Huntingtower. He lives with his husband Keith at what they’ve aptly named, “Roosters at Huntingtower”.

Richard has exhibited his work at The Stroudsburg Arts Festival, Origins Gallery, Art on the Mountain, The Milford Craft Show Gallery, Up Front Exhibition Space, Festival of Wood at Grey Towers, Pocono Environmental Education Center, The Artists’ Market in Sholoa, Pa, Victorian Days in Belvidere, NJ and craft and art exhibitions around the tri-state area. Richard is presently on exhibit at The Art Factory of White Mills. His cards begin at $5.00 each. To see some of his most exciting pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. New pieces will be premiering at his “meet & greet” at The Art Factory on February 2, 2019 – from 1:00-4:00.

Do you know…(Dale) Bernice Craft?

(Dale) Bernice Craft formerly from NYC, now calls Pike County home. Bernice (the name she prefers to be called) studied under NJ artist Gene Feller.

Around fifteen (15) years ago, Bernice’s interest shifted primarily to jewelry making. She uses a technique of wire weaving, soldering, fabricating, and etching techniques.

Bernice has combined her love of nature and semi-precious gemstones to create her unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. She calls the style “chaos wire wrapping” due to the random, but well thought out placement of the wires. She also makes beautiful “tree of life” pendants using a similar technique. You can learn her “craft” (pardon the pun!) by enrolling in her workshops held at The Art Gallery of White Mills.

Recently, Bernice has expanded her art to include pastel nature prints. Framed, colorful, beautiful, and very reasonably priced!

Jewelry pieces (earrings, bracelets, and pendants) begin at $20.00. Framed prints begin at $45.00. To view some of her prettiest pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills or catch her at local craft fairs!

Do You Know…Tricia Lowrey-Lippert?

Tricia Lowrey Lippert has lived in the Pocono Mountains since the late ’80s. Originally from the CT shore, she grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of nature. She has been involved in the arts since early childhood pursuing; painting, music, dancing, and writing. Although she loves all of these activities, painting eventually won the focus of her life!

Tricia loves to paint the local landscape. She also enjoys capturing the wildlife that fills the forest and animals that enrich our daily lives. Tricia has extensive gardens that she uses as subject matter. She has been exploring still life painting and the stories that she can tell through the objects she selects. Tricia strives to find unusual perspectives in her work, whether she is painting Plein Air or in the studio. Her background in the study of Impressionism, Folk Art, and Children’s Book Illustration blend into a magical style!

Tricia states, “My greatest influences are children’s book illustrations form the 1920’s, French and American Impressions and American Artists. Although each artist has their own distinct style, their ability to see beauty in simplicity has always left me awestruck! I paint images that touch my heart. When I paint a subject that comes from my soul, it has the power to connect with some else’s heart. through my paintings, I hope to transport the viewer into a rural world of timelessness. Nature is full of mystery dressed in the subtleties of passing light. I see the exquisiteness of a spider’s web woven amongst the grass. There is a soft humming of life that speaks of heartbreak, humor, fortune, and the fleeting moment of time. My goal is to capture these on canvas and paper. For me, art is a love affair with nature”.

Tricia holds a degree in Oil Painting and a minor in Art History from Marlboro College in VT. Tricia has shown her work throughout CT, NJ, and PA. Tricia has won many prestigious awards. She is also an active member of the Poconos Arts Council.

Tricia Lowrey Lippert’s beautiful work begins at $125.00. To view some of her paintings, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Come in and say hi to our official greeters… Leo, Duke, and Daisy!

We purchased Leonardo D’Avis, lovingly known as Leo when he was just a pup, 11 short years ago. He was always warm, friendly, and super smart! He was the perfect addition to our Shih tzu family; our beloved Max was getting older. He needed “young blood” in his life. Leo fit right in! He gave Max a dash of spunk. He kept him active! They were sweet together – best buds of sorts!

Over the years, we hoped to be able to sire Leo and in return, choose the pick of the litter! Life had other plans! We “rescued” Daisy from a family that already had too many dogs. Daisy was about 6 years old when she came into our lives. We knew she already had a previous litter but according to our vet, she’d be able to have more puppies. Well, she and Leo were perfect companions. They enjoyed snuggling and just hanging out together. Daisy (her name suits her!) is a sweetie, docile, loving, and happy (her entire body wiggles with glee)!

Well, Leo and Daisy did get together one sunny day! They produced 7 live pups. Daisy proved herself an able, loving, patient, and tireless Mom. She was a rock star of dogs! We were indeed lucky enough to have our select pick of the litter. Welcome, Duke!!! He was the 2nd born, a rugged little guy with a huge personality. He is the perfect blend of his parents… most loving, attention-seeking, and always adorable! Trouble should be his nickname! Be warned, he generally looks his most innocent, right before he pounces on you! What a super fit into our household!

Daisy spends her days napping in the gallery office. She loves the heat and must be near her beloved, Jerry. She is very sedate by nature, but will jump the fence to be able to follow Jerry EVERYWHERE he goes! When people enter the gallery, Daisy barks her greeting. People think she’s trying to protect us. She’s not… she’s just saying hi! If you respond, then she resumes her nap!

Leo and Duke like to hang out in the back. They are content to just have you stop by their pen and say hi! Shih tzu’s are people dogs. They love you and hope you’ll love them back! We certainly do!

Did you know… …The Art Factory of White Mills Celebrated Its 2nd Anniversary!


Two years ago, The Art Factory of White Mills opened its doors as a small-town art gallery featuring 22 artists. Today, the beautifully renovated 10,000 square foot building is home to over 65 incredibly talented, local artists, hosting over 1,000 unique, one-of-a-kind pieces!


The Art Factory continues to strive to be a “community art center”, a place “where talent and appreciation meet”. The gallery offers free events throughout the year…


In their short tenure, they have hosted three “High School Emerging Artists Showcases”. (This upcoming year, the event will tentatively be held on Saturday, 01/19/19.) The gallery artists judge the work submitted by students attending: Honesdale, Wallenpaupack, and Western Wayne High Schools. First, second, and third place winners receive gift certificates to purchase additional art supplies with one piece of their artwork is professionally framed and the bragging rights of having their work displayed inside the gallery for up to 6 months!


The Art Factory continues to offer “meet & greets”. This affords art enthusiasts the opportunity to meet the featured artist, as well as to hear their story. When you listen to these stories, you begin to feel their pain and triumphs! It’s always fascinating to learn about the motivation that sparks the artists creativity!


The art gallery offers many “free demos” throughout the year. It’s a great way to sample a new art form. Classes are offered throughout the year in a variety of mediums. Take a workshop or sign up for a progressive class. Learn a new skill while having fun! Come alone or bring a group of friends for a private event. The artists are extremely flexible. They will work with you to make your experience as memorable as they can!


On Saturday, September 1, 2019, in celebration of The Art Factory of White Mills 2nd Anniversary, select artists will be offering discounts on the purchase of their art. Many artists will also be on hand offering “free demos”. Take the opportunity to support your local artists and learn how they create their art! Stop, shop, and save! Art is a gift from the heart; personal and individualized! Gift certificates and layaway are always available.


Do you know… … Rick Weber?

By day, Rick Weber sells office furniture. After hours, he always has a paintbrush in his hand! With an old wooden box filled with oil paints, a mason jar of turpentine, and a portable easel; Rick paints anywhere and everywhere!

Two years ago, Rick taught himself to paint. He learned to paint landscapes; lots of trees and mountains!   Taking a little of this and a little of that, Rick combines it all into his own personalized style! He paints in a technique called “wet-on-wet”.

Having started with colored pencils and moving on to acrylics, Rick is now using oils to paint with. He does beautiful landscapes and mountainsides. My favorite pieces of his include miniatures; soldiers marching, drakes flying, fields of poppies, etc.

Rick loves to share his knowledge. He is offering painting classes at The Art Factory. If you are interested in more information, please call The Art Factory. Call for more information.

Prices for Rick Weber’s paintings begin at $75.00. To view some of his beautifully scenic works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

“Meet & Greet” Carol Mainardi

I was always ambivalent of Mermaids.  For me, they were just a child’s fantasy.  That is until I had a conversation with Carol!  She shared the story of her personal connection to Mermaids and why she calls herself A” the Mermaid lady”… She totally changed my perspective!

Come hear Carol’s story on Saturday, July 7th form 1:00-4:00.  She will also be offering a printmaking demo.  Light refreshments will be served.

Do you know… …Carol Maindardi?

I was always ambivalent of Mermaids. For me, they were just a child’s fantasy. That is until I had a conversation with Carol! She shared the story of her personal connection to Mermaids and why she calls herself “the Mermaid lady”… She totally changed my perspective!

Carol had a recurring dream of seeing herself drowning. She struggled to catch her breath and break free. Never giving up, Carol would continue to try. In the dream, she eventually grew a tail which helped her to swim and survive. After a long struggle and toughened by the experience, Carol finally made it out of the water and onto dry land.

Carol discovered that she was comfortable and able to survive in both realms (in the water as a Mermaid and on land as a human).

Carol tells that at the time, she was in an abusive relationship. Carol parallels her story to that of a Mermaid. She kept growing stronger and stronger, until she was finally able to break free. She survived the ordeal! She discovered that she was the Mermaid!

Carol Maindardi continues to explore the archetypal Mermaid as a metaphor for her own journey as a woman. Her recent collage series and illustrations capture the openness Mermaids face by being trapped in two worlds. Mermaids are stargazing, floating, and longing through her expression in drawings on paper or prints with fabric, tough leather, or mantra-ray skin tails. Lumiere metallic and pearlescent colors, as well as oil and acrylic hand-marbled paper create their environment.

Carol is a professional artist and sole proprietor of Prints and Books. She is involved with the professional conservation of books, artwork on paper, and museum-quality housing of artifacts and gallery displays.

Carol loves to teach an assortment of printing techniques. She works with all skill levels. Carol invites Scout Troops to schedule a workshop for the children, where they can earn badges!

Carol’s prints begin at $40.00. Original paintings start at $85.00 To see some of Carol’s Mermaids, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know… …Toni Chaplin?

Toni Chaplin is a Sparta, NJ native. While still in high school, Toni was recognized with her first art award. By 14, she had her first sale. Toni was hooked on becoming an artist!

Toni’s mediums of choice are watercolor and acrylic. She enjoys experimenting with a variety of techniques. The beauty of nature and our surroundings are what influence her. Paintings of landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, floral, still life are painted as Toni sees them; making them as realistic as she can.

Toni has been lucky enough to have studied with artists: Janet Walsh, Arleta Pech, Edwin Havas, Bill Senior, Claude Croney, John Salminen and Robert Burridge. Teaching at Sparta Parks and Recreation, Kubert’s Art Store and Blairstown Library inspires Toni to encourage new artists. She donates the money she earns to a variety of non-profits, including United Way, Big Brother and Sisters of America, and local churches. Toni is a member of the NJ Watercolor Society and their First Vice President for 2018-2020. Active in many local art clubs and associations drive Toni’s passion.

Toni’s work is found in both public and private sectors. Toni Chaplin exhibits in solo and group art shows and galleries. To view some of Toni’s pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. Framed prints of her beautiful watercolors begin at $75.00.

Do you know… Arielle Sekula?

Arielle Sekula grew up in NEPA. She began creating art at an early age. Arielle attended Edinboro University in western PA.   With a degree in traditional, hand-drawn animation, Arielle discovered her love for oil painting. She was inspired by the designs of animated characters. She began to create silhouetted pieces. After a few years in the field and deciding that the animation industry wasn’t for her, she picked up a palette knife!

Having an extreme amount of oil paint leftover from her college courses, Arielle began working primarily in oils. Arielle fell in love with creating deep textures and dramatic color-scapes. She loves to playfully add gems and metal embellishments directly into the wet layers of paint.   She continues to pull inspiration from the silhouetted figure (both human and animal), landscapes and continues to strive to explore vast ranges of saturated color. Arielle continues her passion for creating “tactile chaos”. She creates art inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, nature and the animation industry.

Arielle is also a talented teacher in various art media for all ages!

Arielle’s paintings begin at $30.00. To view some of her fun pieces (including Polymer Clay Ninjas), visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know… …Ann Marie Netti?

Ann Marie Netti is a very talented artist! Whether it’s a close up of a flower in one of her paintings or a pastel drawing of a frog, all her work is extremely realistic!

Ann Marie once shared with me that she gets her inspirations when she can’t sleep, in the dark of night. With low light, she tacks a piece of paper onto her refrigerator and lets the image speak to her. She gets so caught up in the process, she loses all sense of time. Ann Marie is so entrenched in these creations that they become a part of her. The process is so deeply personal, that she has named all of her frogs, crows, etc. They are truly an extension of her vivid vision!

One of Ann Marie’s favorite quotes is from The Dancing Tree, 2009. “Art isn’t just about expression or feeling; it’s about accomplishing and the capability to execute someone else’s vision or a deep feeling from inside. To be able to create a piece of work that is timeless, which integrates someone’s personality and touches the heart of gratitude, I know I did my job well!”

Ann Marie’s original prints begin at $45.00. Paintings start at $200.00. To view some of her beautiful pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Richard Larsen?

Richard Larsen is a multi-talented artist. He is self-taught; working in the genres of still-life, surrealism, modern art, landscapes, and impressionism. He prefers water-oils and acrylics. With no formal training, Richard is a student of such artists as Monet, Dali, Pollock, and other greats. Richard is also a very accomplished pianist!

Featured in many high-end juried shows including; Allied Artists at Gramercy Park, NYC, Salma Gundi Art Club, NYC, Richard has been reviewed by Sotheby’s and the Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art.

Richard does not believe in limiting himself as an artist; choosing instead to paint in multiple genres. He views art as a language, believing that the more languages one knows, the more communication that can occur. All of his art is created in his mind, as he wants to be completely unique and individualistic. His ability to successfully switch between genres, maintain a uniqueness with each of his paintings, his passion and his dedicated study of former great artists results in paintings that are powerful and masterful!

Original paintings begin at $500.00. To view some of his most prolific works, or sign up for one of his classes – visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Cathy Arvonio?

Cathy Arvonio loves to create and re-create a picture or scene into art. “When I put oil paint onto canvas, it is my desire to create this beauty as I see it, which moves me to paint in a realistic way. I always find beauty in everything that I paint. There is beauty all around us and in every one of us and it is my inspiration to see it, feel it, and to paint it!” From that, I take and put it all onto my canvas.”

One of Cathy’s favorite artist’s quotes is, “Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see!” -Paul Klee.

Cathy has been oil painting since 2001 with the oil painting group of Palette Pals in Forest City, PA. This group was founded, instructed, and mentored by artist and art teacher, Paul Roginski.

Cathy also creates in other styles including impressionism and abstract. She loves to use a palette knife to produce texture into some of her works. Her art includes; landscapes, seascapes, still life, and abstract. She is always learning and experimenting with other types of painting and different mediums.

Cathy grew up in Northeastern PA. She always loved the arts and was inspired to start pencil sketching at a young age. She eventually moved on to her true love, oil painting! Cathy graduated from Lakeland Junior/Senior High School. Subsequently, she attended and graduated from Brandywine College of Widener University with an A.S. in Legal Administration/Paralegal Studies. She currently lives with her husband Peter in Mayfield, PA. Cathy has two (2) children.

Paintings begin at $175.00. To view some of her beautiful paintings, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Guy D’Alessandro?

Guy D’Alessandro works primarily with acrylics; capturing moments in time! He shows us his view; perception and interpretation of nature and wildlife. Guy finds peace in nature and shares that with his viewers. His paintings are extremely realistic. You feel as if you can touch the fauna. The animals appear alert to your presence. Their eyes follow you! They are really quite beautiful!

Guy learned to improve his techniques while attending college (Keystone College, The School of Visual Arts and Montclair University). Exhibiting his art since 1997, Guy has been on exhibit in shows and galleries throughout PA, NY, and NJ. He has won many awards, appeared in solo shows, as a featured artist, and in juried shows. Guy D’Alessandro was selected to appear on The Wildflower Music Festival Celebration cover and published in Inform Art Magazine.

Please come in and meet Guy. Listen to his story. View his incredible work on Saturday, January 6th, from 1:00-4:00 pm. He is The Art Factory’s January’s “featured artist”. Guy’s paintings begin at $195.00 and up.

Do you know…Guy D’Alessandro?

Guy D’Alessandro works primarily with acrylics; capturing moments in time! He shows us his view; perception and interpretation of nature and wildlife. Guy finds peace in nature and shares that with his viewers. His paintings are extremely realistic. You feel as if you can touch the fauna. The animals appear alert to your presence. Their eyes follow you! They are really quite beautiful!

Guy learned to improve his techniques while attending college (Keystone College, The School of Visual Arts and Montclair University). Exhibiting his art since 1997, Guy has been on exhibit in shows and galleries throughout PA, NY, and NJ. He has won many awards, appeared in solo shows, as a featured artist, and in juried shows. Guy D’Alessandro was selected to appear on The Wildflower Music Festival Celebration cover and published in Inform Art Magazine.

Please come in and meet Guy. Listen to his story. View his incredible work on Saturday, January 6th, from 1:00-4:00 pm. He is The Art Factory’s January’s “featured artist”. Guy’s paintings begin at $195.00 and up.

Do you know…Guy D’Alessandro?

Guy D’Alessandro works primarily with acrylics; capturing moments in time! He shows us his view; perception and interpretation of nature and wildlife. Guy finds peace in nature and shares that with his viewers. His paintings are extremely realistic. You feel as if you can touch the fauna. The animals appear alert to your presence. Their eyes follow you! They are really quite beautiful!

Guy learned to improve his techniques while attending college (Keystone College, The School of Visual Arts and Montclair University). Exhibiting his art since 1997, Guy has been on exhibit in shows and galleries throughout PA, NY, and NJ. He has won many awards, appeared in solo shows, as a featured artist, and in juried shows. Guy D’Alessandro was selected to appear on The Wildflower Music Festival Celebration cover and published in Inform Art Magazine.

Please come in and meet Guy. Listen to his story. View his incredible work on Saturday, January 6th, from 1:00-4:00 pm. He is The Art Factory’s January’s “featured artist”. Guy’s paintings begin at $195.00 and up.

Do you know…Jerry Davis?

Jerry Davis is an extremely multi-talented man. I say this with absolutely no bias; even though we’ve been married for 46 years!

Jerry spent his childhood learning carpentry, how & what makes things work, and not to be afraid of experimenting. Under his Dad’s guidance, Jerry was able to make just about anything from nothing (including his winning coaster derby car!). During his pre-teen years, while under the tutelage of his step-Dad, Jerry added another level; becoming an electrician’s apprentice. Just out of high school, Jerry left Rockland County and headed to NYC in order to attend RCA Institutes to study electronics.

Electronics was a good career choice for him. Jerry understood and mastered transistors, resistors, and circuits. Working with his hands was his thing! Not one to take any shortcuts, Jerry built his first computer from scratch instead of buying a ready to use model! He felt it was important to un

Over the years, Jerry owned TV repair facilities. He worked for Panasonic, as their East Coast Service Manager. He was also employed by other electronic companies. Over fifteen years ago, he was ready to fully embrace his passion for creativity and artistry. He uncovered his love of working with colored glass. In a tiny basement, with no windows to garner the light and having to duck or he would hit his head on the pipes hanging from the low ceiling, Jerry started building stained glass windows, candle holders, spinners, and sculptures.

Six years ago, we purchased the building that is now home to The Art Factory of White Mills. While Jerry put his glass building on hold, he lovingly rebuilt this 104-year-old factory from the ground up. He will proudly tell you (and he deserves to be proud!) that even though he hasn’t had time to build his sculptures and candleholders – this building has been his “art”. From floating walls to the detail in how the art is hung and the light hitting the art at just the right angle; it has been a true work of art and heart!

After waiting these past number of years, I am eagerly looking forward to Jerry finally feeling ready to take the time to begin building with glass again. I eagerly await the many beautiful designs he has planned. I’m anxious to see them “come to life”! I expect that you too will be delighted to see the finished products. I’m confident that he won’t disappoint! In January or February, I look forward to Jerry offering classes in stained glass making.

Jerry has an original stained glass piece on permanent display at The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia, in Weston, West Virginia. Stained glass pieces begin at $50.00. To view some of his work, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Lisa Hannick?

Lisa Hannick began her art education at the age of 11 – spending Saturdays studying under acclaimed artist, Vincent Trotta. She graduated Art & Design High School in NYC and went on to study architectural design. Eighteen years later, Lisa left the industry to pursue art. Lisa enrolled in The Art Students League in NY and The National Academy of Design, NY. Under the tutelage of Harvey Dinnerstein, Lisa’s skills were polished and her creative desire reborn.

Lisa’s paintings are reflective of classical art. There are many layers of paint, each one drying before a subsequent layer can be applied. Lisa works quickly, covering the entire canvas. The painting develops and evolves. Lisa states that “if this technique is abandoned, the spontaneity is lost and the painting risks becoming contrived and overworked.” With each layer comes more paint, building up into a thick, juicy lusciousness!

Using chiaroscuro lighting, her paintings reflect the moods evoked by the Dutch masters. By employing a limited palette and layers of thin glazes, she is able to achieve the luminosity that is forfeited by more rapid and modern techniques. Lisa painstakingly takes the time to nurture and develop each painting.

Lisa’s paintings on gilded panel are another way she honors the “Old Masters”. She applies 22k gold sheets (thinner than tissue paper) to wood panels that have been previously primed with vermilion. Then she seals the gold and paints her still life’s on the support. The end result by far outweighs the preparatory effort. Through an intuitive sense for composition, Lisa’s painting (be it landscape, still life, or floral) captures order, balance, and harmony – the essence of beauty!

For Lisa, the reaction and response of the audience are paramount. If what she is trying to express or convey is lost, then the painting falls short. “If my paintings cause someone to stop in their tracks, gaze, study and think, while making them feel good… well, what more can I ask for!”

Framed oil paintings begin at $150.00. To view some of her most prolific works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. Lisa’s work is also on display at The Artery in Milford, PA.

Do you know…(the late) Ron Demuth?

Ron Demuth was the youngest of four (4) children. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he was an alum of the University of Michigan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Ron served in the Army and then taught at Stanford University. He left teaching to work as a nuclear engineer for a variety of companies including; Lockheed Missiles, General Electric, Raytheon Missiles, Boston Edison, and General Public Utilities.

Following his retirement, Ron began experimenting with oil paints. When Ron relocated to Dingman’s Ferry, his passion for painting landscapes took off. His travels through England, Scandinavia, and other places in Europe served as inspiration for him.

Reversing the traditional method of applying color to white canvas, Ron often painted nature’s brilliancy on an under-layer of black. Working in a Primitive Impressionist style, Ron’s bucolic landscapes convey a reverence for the majesty found in nature. His work speaks of man’s ability to align with the natural world as well as to find serenity among its beauty.

Come meet Ron’s wife, Anne at a “meet & greet” on Saturday, 10/14/17 from 1:00 – 4:00 at The Art Factory of White Mills. Anne will be discussing Ron and his work.

Original framed oil paintings are $800.00. To view some of his exciting works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Linda Garrabrandt?

While Linda Garrabrandt was molding clay into beautiful hand-made pieces, she was also a professional chef – creating and cooking food for her family’s catering business and working in industrial kitchens as well as holding a position as Project Director in big pharma! Over the years, Linda experimented with varied mediums including; oil painting, watercolors, and arts & craft techniques until she discovered her true passion… clay! When Linda discovered the thrill of pulling pots out of a kiln at 1750 degrees and placing them onto flammable substances resulting in breathtaking effects, a pyromaniac was born!

Linda Garrabrandt has been fortunate to have worked with and trained under some of the foremost potters in the USA. She is constantly striving to increase her knowledge, fine-tune her skills, and master new techniques. As Linda and her work continue to evolve, she loves to share her passion with others.

Linda’s works have been on exhibit in ARTSCAP, The Clay Place, Sally D Francesco Gallery at Peters Valley, Missouri State Western University, Asbury Park, Artworks Gallery, and Belmar Arts Council, just to name a few! She is a member of the Potters Council, Peters Valley Art Center, Potters Guild of NJ, and National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA).

Linda’s works are sold at the Main Avenue Galleria in Ocean Grove, NJ, The Art Factory of White Mills, White Mills, PA and at fine art shows throughout NY, NJ and PA. While prices are varied, some begin as low as $15.00! To see (and purchase) some of her unique, one-of-a-kind pieces or take a class in “wheel-throwing” and “hand-building”, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Edna Gonzalez-Rothenberg?

Edna Gonzalez-Rothenberg loves sunrises but is passionate about sunsets!
She is always “camera-ready” and prepared to shoot! The images she captures are vibrant, natural, and quite breathtaking! Edna uses oceans, lakes, and mountains as her backdrop. Her work is both expressive and strong in color and form.

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Edna was raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. She began shooting photos in 1972, enamored with her first camera; a Kodak 110 Instamatic!

With her focus on God’s creations and the beauty of nature, Edna has turned her passion into Zoë Madison Photography. She photographs landscapes including; trees, flowers, and gardens. Edna’s love for nature is further explored in her work with wildlife subjects at zoos, aquariums, and nature parks. Edna also appreciates historical architecture in its natural settings. In addition, Edna enjoys photographing people, particularly her husband, 3 children, and 7 grandchildren!

Edna is a former member of the Highlands Photography Guild of Milford, PA. She has been on exhibit at the Artist Market Community Center in Shohola, PA, Grey Towers National Historic Site, Milford, PA, Hemlock Farms, and in local restaurants and stores throughout the Pocono’s.

Edna’s digital photography is formatted and transferred to canvas, metal, and acrylic. Original photographs begin at $120.00. To view some of her beautiful pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Rosalind Hodgkins?

Natural phenomena of day & night, along with the cycle of the seasons inspire the concepts for Roz’s paintings. She experiments with images, free-associating them in sketches until the idea takes a form that feels right. Using unusual scale, invented perspective, shadows, and reflections, as well as symbols and metaphors she is able to construct a narrative picture of images of nature seen from an imagined vantage point. The perception of looking and seeing can be represented in endless visual stories. Roz “tells” these stories beautifully!

Roz’ education includes a BFA from Pratt Institute, study at The New School, Art Students League, and Hull College of Art in New England. She lived in NYC for 40+ years where she had several one-person shows. Roz was included in numerous group shows in NYC and Internationally. Her work has been reviewed in major art magazines and press with very high acclaim. She received the Artist’s Space grant and 2 Mac Dowell Colony Fellowships.

 Rosalind’s work is represented in private, educational, and corporate art collections. She is a member of The Artery Gallery in Milford, PA, and also in The Art Factory of White Mills, White Mills, PA. Framed original prints begin at $225.00. To view some of her most prolific works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Steven Cook?

Steven Cook is an award-winning landscape, wildlife, and nature photographer. His work is “picture perfect” and quite exquisite!

Steve’s love for nature began as a young child in the woods and waters of his native Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. His lens now captures the breathtaking images of the Pocono Mountains where he resides.

While he tries to keep it realistic, Steve does use “creative license” when it comes to using software to develop his photos. “I attempt to make the image to be what I saw and felt in the moment that I snapped the frame. A scene with very difficult lighting can confound the best equipment and technique. The software can make up the difference”.

Having no formal training, Steve states that experience has been his best teacher! “You learn to take better images by making a lot of bad ones!” He claims that his biggest motivation when shooting is to try to make the next picture better than the last. “Nature is unpredictable, so it doesn’t always work out but continuous improvement has always been my goal!”

Steve placed 1st for his photo “Little Niagara” in 2015 Spring Color Peoples Photographic Society International Competition. He won 2nd place for “Watkins Glen” in 2-13 Peoples Photographic Society International Competition and “Stone Arch of Winter” was published in 2013 Winter Edition of Green Door Magazine.

Steve is available to teach you how to use your camera to take amazing photographs as well as classes in photography. Steve also does studio portraits of people and pets.   Call The Art Factory of White Mills to schedule a class or photoshoot.

Steve Cook’s prints begin at $35.00. All photographs can be printed onto canvas, aluminum, or paper in a multitude of sizes. To view some of his most interesting pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Debbie Gioello?

 THE ART FACTORY OF WHITE MILLS proudly presents “SPRING METAMORPHISM” with featured artist Debbie Gioello’s butterfly paintings. Debbie Gioello, who is passionate about her larger than life, realistic butterfly paintings states, “For me, the life cycle of butterflies represents the beauty of metamorphism. Emerging with their splendid color configurations, a butterfly’s beauty represents transformation at its grandest”. Her butterfly paintings are representative of butterfly specimens she purchased on a trip to South America. They are vividly colorful in their representational beauty of harmony and balance.

The SPRING METAMORPHISM show is at THE ART FACTORY OF WHITE MILLS. The show runs from May 1st through June 10th. Come meet Debbie Gioello at the artist reception on Saturday, May 20th form 5:00-7:00 pm. Open free to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Debbie Gioello received her MFA at Lehman College, NY. A recipient of many awards, she has been featured in many exhibitions. Her solo shows include those at Center Art Gallery and Little Carnegie Gallery, NYC, NY among others. Her artwork is currently represented in many private collections in addition to the permanent collection of the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY, Queens Cultural Center, Queens, NY and many more.

As an artist, Debbie is forever exploring, learning, and growing. Inspired by new visions, she creatively implements new techniques using various mediums. Debbie’s artwork is painted as collections inspired by seasons, events, trends, and time; all influenced by the visual dynamics of daily existence. Gioello is a versatile artist expressing herself in a range of creativity form realism to expressionistic rendered in etching techniques, watercolors, acrylics, and photography.

As a fashion designer, professor, and writer, the artist-authored multiple fashion design and textile books published by Fairchild Publication, NY, and contributed fashion-related articles to fashion industry magazines. She is also recognized for the patents she received for her inventions.

We hope that you will join us at The Art Factory of White Mills!

Do you know…Lauryn deLeeuw?

Lauryn deLeeuw is a Dutch artist, currently living in the United States. She is conversant in six (6) languages. Lauryn has resided in Asia, Holland, France, England, and the United States. Having been exposed to so many diverse cultures, Lauryn incorporates her past with the present.

I once asked about her choice of paint colors. Lauryn described how vibrant and colorful her childhood in Indonesia was. She described it as a “tropical paradise”. When her family moved to Holland, she said that by comparison – everything looked dark, gray, and dreary. At an early age, Lauryn began to choose bright, vibrant colors to express herself. They evoked happy memories and made her feel alive!

Lauryn deLeeuw is described as an Abstract Expressionist because of the Willem deKooning influence seen in so many of her paintings. The sensuous designs, bold compositions, and choice of color are influenced by a combination of Asian art, Titian, Cézanne, vanGogh, Manet, Picasso, and deKooning.

When describing herself, Lauryn states that she is “an artist, creator and free spirit”. She adamantly believes “that art like love, cannot be defined, it comes from a passion within”. Patrons of her art state that her work has “it has its own personality – it will speak to you every time you look at it!”

Lauryn deLeeuw has been displayed in Holland, England, and New York City. She is a member of the Chelsea Arts Club (London) and the New York Students Art League.

Framed original paintings begin at $150.00. To view some of her most expressive works or take a “paint & sip – Abstract Expressionism with Lauryn deLeeuw” visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

Do you know…Bill Cohen?

Bill Cohen is a very talented photographer. Bill uses his camera to “preserve his vision”. He expresses himself vividly through his “digital editing process” while capturing the everyday life he sees through his lens.

Bill’s foray into photography began at the young age of 12. He had his own camera and a dark room. Having been raised in a NYC slum, Bill’s view of the world is slightly different than that of most people!

Did you know that Bill Cohen is also an avid drummer? As a teenager, he played in local Rock & Roll bands. He toured up and down the East coast with a group called “Austin Express”. While he is no longer in a band, his drum sticks are always within easy reach!

Bill worked as a staff photographer for a digital cable advertising company. He switched over to sales and within a few years was busily overseeing the local talent to produce all of the TV commercials.

Bill is quoted as stating, “I don’t see things as objects, people or things; rather as a finished composition. Either it moves me or it doesn’t. It’s just that simple!”

Bill Cohen states, “he does not pick his subjects, they pick him!” “He shoots from the hip and hopes that at the end of the day, he walks away with something special”.

Framed photographs by Bill Cohen begin at $175.00. Large original canvas photos sell for $350.00. To see some of his expressive works of art, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. His complete works can be viewed on his website – ItchyPhotos.com.

Do you know…Charles Gregory Woods?

Charles Gregory Woods is a most interesting person! It’s not surprising that he is so multi-talented! After all, I believe that most artists are! Did you know that Charles is a renowned architect; he studied under Dennis Blair, a direct student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Charles was critically acclaimed by professors as an heir to Wright! He is also an author; writing and publishing seven (7) well-reviewed books. The famed architectural illustrator, Paul Stevenson Oles, FAIA, was quoted as saying, “Charles Gregory Woods is a solid 10 in creativity, a genius if anyone is”! Charles is an artist, illustrator, and art/photographer; with his work appearing in over 60 magazines and newspapers. Did I mention that Charles has degrees or graduate degrees in architecture, religion, and philosophy? And, he has been successful in all of these endeavors!

Charles specializes in “portraiture and photography of the unexpected!” He blends something with nothing. Charles has stated, “though everything means something, not everything is equally meaningful”. The concept of layers is also meaningful to Charles. Some of his paintings have more than forty (40) layers to them!

Mr. Woods has created over 75,000 works of art. He has been exhibited in over 25 shows and has sold many original works. He proudly states that he will get an idea in his head of something he wants to paint. He puts on a particular musician or musical group to set the tone. He then decides that by the time the song is finished playing, his painting will be as well. How many of us could do that and do it so well? He has been compared to: Picasso, deKooning, and others.

Framed archival prints begin at $500.00. Original paintings range from $1000.00 and up. To view some of his most prolific works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

The Art Factory of White Mills is located at 736 Texas Palmyra Highway (Route 6), White Mills, PA 18473.

Rich in history, this 8,000 square foot building has worn many hats…  We are still researching and verifying the stories of this wonderful building. If you have any additional information that you can provide us with, we would love to hear from you.

  • Built originally to house the Heptasophs Association, it opened its doors on April 05, 1913.

The Original Order of Heptasophs was founded in 1852. It is listed as one of the country’s earliest fraternal orders. Heptasophs, derived from Latin roots meaning “seven and wise” was translated to “Mystical Seven”.  It was a Conservative based college fraternity, primarily located in the South.  Membership dwindled as a result of and the outcome of the Civil War.

  • This building briefly housed Stourbridge Lion railroad workers; providing a clean, dry place to eat and sleep.
  • During World War II, it offered a distraction from the stresses of the world. It was used as a “sock hop” dance hall, roller rink and a basketball court (located on the 2nd floor, the wood floor still bears marks from the center court!).
  • Later, a successful knitting factory opened, eventually becoming a sewing factory of children’s pajamas and blankets.  Fabric scraps are still “popping up” in the yard. Hand prints of many of the factory workers are still visible in the cement floor!
  • Since late August 2016, the factory is now home to a unique art gallery.  This community art center hosts over 53 local artists. With all mediums of art on display; oil, acrylic, watercolor, abstract and mixed-medium painting, photography, drawing, pastels, ceramics, metal sculptures, hand-made jewelry and so much more – The Art Factory is a “place where talent and appreciation meet”. Prices are as varied as the art it offers.  Layaway is available. Give the gift of class… Art classes that is!  Many art classes (for adults and children) are being offered. Visit us at TheArtFactoryofWhiteMills.com for more information.  Like us on Face book at The Art Factory of White Mills.

The Art Factory of White Mills is open daily from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. We are always seeking new artists.

Please call Jerry at 570 251-1181 for additional information.