Do you know…

… Bill Cohen?

Bill Cohen is a very talented photographer. Bill uses his camera to “preserve his vision”. He expresses himself vividly through his “digital editing process”, while capturing the everyday life he sees through his lens.

Bill’s foray into photography began at the young age of 12. He had his own camera and a dark room. Having been raised in a NYC slum, Bill’s view of the world is slightly different than that of most people!

Did you know that Bill Cohen is also an avid drummer? As a teenager, he played in local Rock & Roll bands. He toured up and down the East coast with a group called “Austin Express”. While he is no longer in a band, his drum sticks are always within easy reach!

Bill worked as a staff photographer for a digital cable advertising company. He switched over to sales and within a few years was busily overseeing the local talent to produce all of the TV commercials.

Bill is quoted as stating, “I don’t see things as objects, people or things; rather as a finished composition. Either it moves me or it doesn’t. It’s just that simple!”

Bill Cohen states, “he does not pick his subjects, they pick him!” “He shoots from the hip and hopes that at the end of the day, he walks away with something special”.

Framed photographs by Bill Cohen begin at $175.00. Large original canvas photos sell for $350.00. To see some of his expressive works of art, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. His complete works can be viewed on his website –