Call For Artists…

We are seeking new artists looking to sell his/her artwork in our gallery

Benefits of Membership in The Art Factory of White Mills:

Showcase Your Work-

A Professional Display: 

  • The Art Factory of White Mills will provide each artist with a great space to showcase his/her work  
  • When applicable, we provide an easel and/or bin to display additional artwork

Create Awareness-

Share Your Story: 

  • The Art Factory of White Mills will “share your story” with patrons in an effort to sell your work 
  • While we do our best, we cannot guarantee sales  [your art must touch the viewer/patron, be priced to sell (affordably) and fit the buyer’s needs]


Create Awareness & Traffic: 

  • The Art Factory of White Mills continues to advertise at our discretion in order to create awareness and drive traffic to our gallery… 
  • Currently, we are advertising on the local radio, VIA Media TV and have tri-folds placed in many local businesses 
  • We are members of the Northern Poconos Chamber of Commerce, Poconos Art Council and Route 6 Artisan Trail  
  • We have our tri-folds available in all of PA Visitor Centers 
  • We sponsor local events including Dorflingers Glass Factory

Gallery Membership Includes:

  • Open 10 am – 4 pm (Closed Wednesdays) January, February, March
  • Open 7 days a week 10 am – 5 pm May through December 
  • The gallery owners will be present to represent you
  • You will be invited to be a “Featured Artist”
  • You may schedule a day to host a “Meet & Greet”
  • You are invited and strongly encouraged to share “Special Events” with The Art Factory and to offer free demos, share your story, etc.
  • If desired, you may teach classes.

Membership Fees:

  • Must be paid on time
  • As a new member, prepay for 11 months and receive 1 month for free and the opportunity to have your artwork sold on our website at  – for all others, you must be prepaid for 3 months in advance at all times  we do not send out invoices, so you must be aware of your fees and when they are due
  • We require a bio for each artist – a few short paragraphs which includes your background, what got you interested in being an artist, the type of work that you do, awards received, etc. – we will amend it if needed 

Provide a worksheet with:

  • Title of each art piece
  • Medium
  • Price that you want the gallery to sell your work for (that includes our 30 percent commission)
  • Length, height, and width of each piece
  • Photo of all artwork on a flash drive 
  • All work must be mounted and “ready-to-hang” (hooks, wire, etc.)
  • All artwork must be “blemish-free”
  • All artwork will be hung and displayed by the gallery  artists are not permitted to hang their own pieces
  • You may not remove all of your art if you are in a show somewhere else – we require that you have artwork in the gallery and available to sell at all times – no empty walls!

As Members:

  • Your artwork (the same artwork) needs to be exclusive to The Art Factory and not in other available locations
  • If you decide to withdraw from The Art Factory, your account be current – we request 5 days notice – please do not come in and expect to pick up all of your artwork without having given us prior notice 

Please Note: “S**t” Happens!

  • We are not responsible for glue on sculptures drying, causing sculptures to fall apart
  • We are not responsible for damage caused by fingers touching, although we do our best to monitor people