“1204 Mandelas” Workshop with Brian Tresca

“1204 Mandelas” Workshop with Brian Tresca

In this “Mandela, the Sacred Circle” workshop you will learn about Mandela artwork – wholeness, eternity and balance.   Learn to express yourself by creating a personal Mandela!

Led by Expressive Arts Facilitator and Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Brian Tresca, this workshop promotes exploration and self-expression while developing a deeper understanding of art.

Perfect for all skill levels!

The fee is $40.00 (all materials included).

Pre-registration is required @TheArtFactoryofWhiteMills.com.

Please include your cell # and email address on the application.

There are no cancellations or refunds unless we need to cancel the class.

Following COVID guidelines, we are limiting the number of students that we enroll for each class, socially spreading out and requiring that masks be worn.

Please arrive on-time for this session.   Thank you!thear


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