Do you know…

…(the late) Ron Demuth?

Ron Demuth was the youngest of four (4) children. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he was an alum of the University of Michigan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Ron served in the Army and then taught at Stanford University. He left teaching to work as a nuclear engineer for a variety of companies including; Lockheed Missiles, General Electric, Raytheon Missiles, Boston Edison, and General Public Utilities.

Following his retirement, Ron began experimenting with oil paints. When Ron relocated to Dingman’s Ferry, his passion for painting landscapes took off. His travels through England, Scandinavia, and other places in Europe served as inspiration for him.

Reversing the traditional method of applying color to white canvas, Ron often painted nature’s brilliancy on an under-layer of black. Working in a Primitive Impressionist style, Ron’s bucolic landscapes convey a reverence for the majesty found in nature. His work speaks of man’s ability to align with the natural world as well as to find serenity among its beauty.

Come meet Ron’s wife, Anne at a “meet & greet” on Saturday, 10/14/17 from 1:00 – 4:00 at The Art Factory of White Mills. Anne will be discussing Ron and his work.

Original framed oil paintings are $800.00. To view some of his exciting works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.