Do you know… … The Art Factory’s “Official Greeters”?

Come in and say hi to our official greeters… Leo, Duke, and Daisy!

We purchased Leonardo D’Avis, lovingly known as Leo when he was just a pup, 11 short years ago.  He was always warm, friendly, and super smart!  He was the perfect addition to our Shih tzu family; our beloved Max was getting older.  He needed “young blood” in his life.  Leo fit right in!  He gave Max a dash of spunk.  He kept him active! They were sweet together – best buds of sorts!

Over the years, we hoped to be able to sire Leo and in return, choose the pick of the litter!  Life had other plans!  We “rescued” Daisy from a family that already had too many dogs.  Daisy was about 6 years old when she came into our lives.  We knew she already had a previous litter but according to our vet, she’d be able to have more puppies.  Well, she and Leo were perfect companions.  They enjoyed snuggling and just hanging out together.  Daisy (her name suits her!) is a sweetie, docile, loving, and happy (her entire body wiggles with glee)! 

Well, Leo and Daisy did get together one sunny day!  They produced 7 live pups.  Daisy proved herself an able, loving, patient, and tireless Mom.  She was a rock star of dogs!  We were indeed lucky enough to have our select pick of the litter.  Welcome, Duke!!!  He was the 2nd born, a rugged little guy with a huge personality.  He is the perfect blend of his parents… most loving, attention-seeking, and always adorable! Trouble should be his nickname!  Be warned, he generally looks his most innocent, right before he pounces on you! What a super  fit into our household!

Daisy spends her days napping in the gallery office.  She loves the heat and must be near her beloved, Jerry.  She is very sedate by nature, but will jump the fence to be able to follow Jerry EVERYWHERE he goes!  When people enter the gallery, Daisy barks her greeting.  People think she’s trying to protect us.  She’s not… she’s just saying hi!  If you respond, then she resumes her nap!

Leo and Duke like to hang out in the back.  They are content to just have you stop by their pen and say hi!  Shih tzu’s are people dogs.  They love you and hope you’ll love them back!  We certainly do!