Suzannah Hadorn states, “I have a great need to express my own personal truth. In the process of drawing, I am able to tap into a constant internal flow of experience, where my spirit is free! My art is a visible record of my inner journey, a play between consciousness and emotion.” Suzannah’s “free spirit” leads her to draw using colored pencils and crayons. Her works are unusual, colorful, and quirky. You need Suzannah to share her stories of what inspired her to draw each piece… fascinating! Suzannah has been drawing, painting, and writing for over 40 years. Originally from NYC, Suzannah has exhibited in many one-woman shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn, NY State, and in the NEPA area. She has also be shown in various art galleries throughout the region. Framed artist-enhanced prints begin at $30.00. To view some of her original pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. The gallery is open daily from 10:00-5:00.