Do you know…

… Richard Larsen?

Richard Larsen is a multi-talented artist. He is self-taught; working in the genres of still-life, surrealism, modern art, landscapes, and impressionism. He prefers water-oils and acrylics. With no formal training, Richard is a student of such artists as Monet, Dali, Pollock, and other greats. Richard is also a very accomplished pianist!

Featured in many high-end juried shows including; Allied Artists at Gramercy Park, NYC, Salma Gundi Art Club, NYC, Richard has been reviewed by Sotheby’s and the Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art.

Richard does not believe in limiting himself as an artist; choosing instead to paint in multiple genres. He views art as a language, believing that the more languages one knows, the more communication that can occur. All of his art is created in his mind, as he wants to be completely unique and individualistic. His ability to successfully switch between genres maintains a uniqueness with each of his paintings, his passion and his dedicated study of former great artists results in paintings that are powerful and masterful!

Original paintings begin at $500.00. To view some of his most prolific works, or sign up for one of his classes – visit The Art Factory of White Mills.