Do you know…

…Lisa Hannick?

Lisa Hannick began her art education at the age of 11 – spending Saturdays studying under acclaimed artist, Vincent Trotta. She graduated from Art & Design High School in NYC and went on to study architectural design. Eighteen years later, Lisa left the industry to pursue art. Lisa enrolled in The Art Students League in NY and The National Academy of Design, NY. Under the tutelage of Harvey Dinnerstein, Lisa’s skills were polished and her creative desire reborn.

Lisa’s paintings are reflective of classical art. There are many layers of paint, each one drying before a subsequent layer can be applied. Lisa works quickly, covering the entire canvas. The painting develops and evolves. Lisa states that “if this technique is abandoned, the spontaneity is lost and the painting risks becoming contrived and overworked.” With each layer comes more paint, building up into a thick, juicy lusciousness!

Using chiaroscuro lighting, her paintings reflect the moods evoked by the Dutch masters. By employing a limited palette and layers of thin glazes, she is able to achieve the luminosity that is forfeited by more rapid and modern techniques. Lisa painstakingly takes the time to nurture and develop each painting.

Lisa’s paintings on gilded panel are another way she honors the “Old Masters.” She applies 22k gold sheets (thinner than tissue paper) to wood panels that have been previously primed with vermilion. Then she seals the gold and paints her still life’s on the support. The end result by far outweighs the preparatory effort. Through an intuitive sense for composition, Lisa’s painting (be it landscape, still life, or floral) captures order, balance, and harmony – the essence of beauty!

For Lisa, the reaction and response of the audience are paramount. If what she is trying to express or convey is lost, then the painting falls short. “If my paintings cause someone to stop in their tracks, gaze, study and think, while making them feel good… well, what more can I ask for!”

Framed oil paintings begin at $150.00. To view some of her most prolific works, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. Lisa’s work is also on display at The Artery in Milford, PA.