Do you know…Do you know…
… Jerry Davis?

Jerry Davis is an extremely multi-talented man. I say this with absolutely no bias; even though we’ve been married for 46 years!

Jerry spent his childhood learning carpentry, how & what makes things work, and not to be afraid of experimenting. Under his Dad’s guidance, Jerry was able to make just about anything from nothing (including his winning coaster derby car!). During his pre-teen years, while under the tutelage of his step-Dad, Jerry added another level; becoming an electrician’s apprentice. Just out of high school, Jerry left Rockland County and headed to NYC in order to attend RCA Institutes to study electronics.

Electronics was a good career choice for him. Jerry understood and mastered transistors, resistors and circuits. Working with his hands was his thing! Not one to take any shortcuts, Jerry built his first computer from scratch instead of buying a ready to use model! He felt it was important to un

Over the years, Jerry owned TV repair facilities. He worked for Panasonic, as their East Coast Service Manager. He was also employed by other electronic companies. Over fifteen years ago, he was ready to fully embrace his passion for creativity and artistry. He uncovered his love of working with colored glass. In a tiny basement, with no windows to garner the light and having to duck or he would hit his head on the pipes hanging from the low ceiling, Jerry started building stained glass windows, candle holders, spinners and sculptures.

Six years ago, we purchased the building that is now home to The Art Factory of White Mills. While Jerry put his glass building on hold, he lovingly rebuilt this 104-year-old factory from the ground up. He will proudly tell you (and he deserves to be proud!) that even though he hasn’t had time to build his sculptures and candleholders – this building has been his “art”. From floating walls to the detail in how the art is hung and the light hitting the art at just the right angle; it has been a true work of art and heart!

After waiting these past number of years, I am eagerly looking forward to Jerry finally feeling ready to take the time to begin building with glass again. I eagerly await the many beautiful designs he has planned. I’m anxious to see them “come to life”! I expect that you too will be delighted to see the finished products. I’m confident that he won’t disappoint! In January or February, I look forward to Jerry offering classes in stained glass making.

Jerry has an original stained glass piece on permanent display at The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia, in Weston, West Virginia. Stained glass pieces begin at $50.00. To view some of his work, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.