Do you know… …Ann Marie Netti?

Ann Marie Netti is a very talented artist! Whether it’s a close up of a flower in one of her paintings or a pastel drawing of a frog, all her work is extremely realistic!

Ann Marie once shared with me that she gets her inspirations when she can’t sleep, in the dark of night. With low light, she tacks a piece of paper onto her refrigerator and lets the image speak to her. She gets so caught up in the process, she looses all sense of time. Ann Marie is so entrenched in these creations that they become a part of her. The process is so deeply personal, that she has named all of her frogs, crows, etc. They are truly an extension of her vivid vision!

One of Ann Marie’s favorite quotes is from The Dancing Tree, 2009. “Art isn’t just about expression or feeling; it’s about accomplishing and the capability to execute someone else’s vision or a deep feeling from inside. To be able to create a piece of work that is timeless, which integrates someone’s personality and touches the heart of gratitude, I know I did my job well!”

Ann Marie’s original prints begin at $45.00. Paintings start at $200.00. To view some of her beautiful pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.