Do you know…
… Agnes Lippi-Johnson?

Agnes Lippi-Johnson is a clever artist! She sees things from a unique perspective. Agnes is great at re-purposing materials and creating the most interesting and whimsical pieces of art.

Agnes now lives in Honesdale, PA. She is an artist that mixes media types not typically found together in nature. The end results incorporate well-worn industrial with the freshness of organic and natural.

Agnes creates jewelry from bicycle parts mixed with new gemstones, acrylic pours become charms and earrings may be recycled from buttons! Each piece is interesting, unique, pretty, and functional.

Agnes’ sculptures also blend bicycle rims with stained glass. She has an unusual twist to her “cattle trophies”. All of her work is organic in feel and feels like it is in harmony.

One-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry begin at $10.00. Also, very unique art pieces made with recycled bicycle parts are available for sale. Agnes offers classes in “Acrylic Pour” and “Alcohol Ink” at The Art Factory.

The Art Factory of White Mills
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