Do You Know…

…Tricia Lowrey-Lippert?

Tricia Lowrey Lippert has lived in the Pocono Mountains since the late ’80s. Originally from the CT shore, she grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of nature. She has been involved in the arts since early childhood pursuing; painting, music, dancing, and writing. Although she loves all of these activities, painting eventually won the focus of her life!

Tricia loves to paint the local landscape. She also enjoys capturing the wildlife that fills the forest and animals that enrich our daily lives. Tricia has extensive gardens that she uses as subject matter. She has been exploring still life painting and the stories that she can tell through the objects she selects. Tricia strives to find unusual perspectives in her work, whether she is painting Plein Air or in the studio. Her background in the study of Impressionism, Folk Art, and Children’s Book Illustration blend into a magical style!

Tricia states, “My greatest influences are children’s book illustrations form the 1920’s, French and American Impressions and American Artists. Although each artist has their own distinct style, their ability to see beauty in simplicity has always left me awestruck! I paint images that touch my heart. When I paint a subject that comes from my soul, it has the power to connect with