Do You Know… … Lindsay Davis?

Lindsay Davis was born and raised in Bergen County, NJ.  Lindsay now calls Vienna, VA home.  Quiet by nature, Lindsay is introspective and very kind.  She always wears her heart on her sleeve and is ready to help anyone in need.  Lindsay is an undergraduate of the University of Connecticut and holds her Masters from Quinnipiac.  She is an educator (first grade).

Lindsay has always had an eye for photography; capturing the moment with an easy click!  Lindsay is an observer and from watching her Dad over the years, she is able to build tables, dog houses, install plumbing and light fixtures, spackle walls and build her own home decor.  Lindsay is a crafter and quilter.

What I’ve learned from living with Lindsay for many years, is that she is adventurous and willing to try her hand at just about anything.  She is always successful in these endeavors! 

Lindsay is looking forward to an August 2020 wedding!

Lindsay’s photos begin at $5.00 and up.  To see her perspective on the world, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.