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On Saturday, 01/19 from 1:00-3:00 (we cut the event short so that everyone could beat the storm and arrive home safely), The Art Factory of White Mills hosted our 4th “High School Emerging Artists Showcase”.  As a result of the impending storm, turnout was weaker than we would have liked, however, the students did not disappoint!  This year’s artwork was phenomenal!!!

Jerry and I were relieved to not have to act as judges… It was that challenging!  The artists that we represent in The Art Factory were our judges.  Trust me, that was no easy task!  Thank you to all of our artists that did attend and helped to support these young artists! Thank you Bill Cohen-photographer, for your input as well 🙂

A really huge shout out to art teachers; Kathy Higgins, Honesdale High School, and Justin Hayden, Western Wayne High School.  Your schools are extremely lucky to have you on staff!  Your guidance and encouragement to these art students do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  The love and respect these students have for you is so well deserved!  Kudos!

Thank you to the families that came out to support their children.  It means a lot to your children and to us as well!

Thank you to the Wayne Independent Newspaper for the phone interview.

Lastly, thank you to Connor Simon and Wally Life for videotaping this event and interviewing the emerging artists!  We look forward to the segment airing sometime in mid-February.  We will post the segment on this website and Facebook when we can.

It’s not too late to view all of this wonderful artwork.  We will have all of the participants work on display through Saturday, 01/26.  We are open daily from 10:00-5:00 (except today, as we are still shoveling out!). First, second, and third place winners will have the option of leaving their work on display inside the gallery for the next 6 months!  Yahoo!!!


First Place Winner – $100.00 gift card to Michael’s for art supplies goes to Melanie Roberts, Western Wayne High School

Second Place Winner – $75.00 gift card to Michael’s for art supplies goes to Shaylin Pugh, Western Wayne High School

Third Place Winner – $50.00 gift card to Michael’s for art supplies goes to Bethany Good, Honesdale High School


Western Wayne Art Students Place at The Art Factory of White Mills “Hugh School Emerging Artists Showcase”

Western Wayne Art Students Place at High School Emerging Artists Showcase


Two self-portraits titled “Jet Fuel” and “Made of Dust” and a color pencil piece of actor Luke Evans won Western Wayne High School art students Melanie Roberts and Shailyn Pugh first and second place respectively at the 4th High School Emerging Artists Showcase at The Art Factory of White Mills on Saturday, Jan. 19.

Students from local schools participated.  Western Wayne had a number of high school students submit pieces including Maya Black, Miriam Sheehan, Melanie Roberts, Melody Gershey, Dayla Jones, Kat Moore, Rachel Butler, Shailyn Pugh, Abby Burke, and Nina Nerys.

Junior Shailyn Pugh won the second-place prize of a $75. gift card to Michael’s.

She felt proud of her color pencil portrait of actor Luke Evans who, among many other roles, recently played Gaston in the newest Beauty and the Beast film.  Shailyn enjoys creating portraits and other realistic pieces.  She thinks the one she did of Evans is one of her best.  I used to be afraid of blending colors,” Shailyn explained.  “But for this piece I think the colors I needed were there in the end.”

The prize money will help Shailyn purchase watercolor paper and new paint.  She would like to practice more painting and explained that she loves the challenge involved in creating good quality artwork.  “When I’m finished with a piece, I like to see what I created and usually I can see myself getting better,” Shailyn said.

Her classmate senior Melanie Roberts came in first at the showcase for her self-portraits, “Jet Fuel” and “Made of Dust.”  Melanie explained how she enjoys creating symbolic self-portraits that display qualities about her.  “Jet Fuel,” created with half colored pencil and half pen and ink, has a background of half water with her head under it.

“A lot of my pictures show emotion,” Melaine said.  Daydreaming and wonderment is represented in Melanie’s other portrait in the showcase called “Made of Dust,” created with colored pencil, charcoal, and some acrylic.  She explained how there are planets and starts around her head in the picture which represents how her head is sometimes in the clouds.

Next year, Melanie wishes to start college in the spring and study art.  In the meantime, she plans to use the prize of a $100. gift card to Michaels to buy more acrylic paint and pen and ink markers.  “I like to show how I feel in my artwork,” Melanie explained.  “It helps me to explain things because it is hard to talk about emotions.”


Did you know?…

That:       JANUARY 19, 2019

From:     1:00 – 4:00

Where:   The Art Factory of White Mills

                 736 Texas Palmyra Highway (Route 6), White Mills, 18473

                 570 251-1181

What:     will be hosting their 4th

                 “High School Emerging Artists Showcase”


This is a great community event, featuring local students’ artwork!

Come view the works of our area’s young emerging talent!

It’s pretty amazing!!!


All serious art students from the Wallenpaupack Area High School,

Wayne Highlands High School and Western Wayne High School

are invited to participate.


Local artists represented in The Art Factory will be on hand to mentor, guide, and judge the students’ artwork. Prizes will be awarded including; gift certificates and the opportunity to have the artwork hung in the gallery for up to 6 months! What a great thing to include on a college resume!!!


There is no fee to be entered in The Art Factory’s “High School Emerging Artists Showcase”. Pre-registration is required. Visit www.TheArtFactoryofWhiteMills.com for the application. The deadline to enter is January 2nd.


This is a free event, open to the public. Please come and support our area’s finest young artists.