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Do You Know… … Arielle Sekula?

  • May 1, 2018

Do you know…

… Arielle Sekula?

Arielle Sekula grew up in NEPA. She began creating art at an early age. Arielle attended Edinboro University in western PA.   With a degree in traditional, hand-drawn animation, Arielle discovered her love for oil painting. She was inspired by the designs of animated characters. She began to create silhouetted pieces. After a few years in the field and deciding that the animation industry wasn’t for her, she picked up a palette knife!

Having an extreme amount of oil paint left over from her college courses, Arielle began working primarily in oils. Arielle fell in love with creating deep textures and dramatic color-scapes. She loves to playfully add gems and metal embellishments directly into the wet layers of paint.   She continues to pull inspiration from the silhouetted figure (both human and animal), landscapes and continues to strive to explore vast ranges of saturated color. Arielle continues her passion for creating “tactile chaos”. She creates art inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, nature and the animation industry.

Arielle is also a talented teacher in various art media for all ages!

Arielle’s paintings begin at $30.00. To view some of her fun pieces (including Polymer Clay Ninjas), visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

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